Owner Representation

Our team of brokers have been involved in hundreds of transactions in Florida. Our experience ranges from the sale and purchase of multiple industrial business parks to individual properties for mom-and-pop owners and large family trusts.

We treat each client like family, tending to their individual needs with a customized approach. We listen to the goals of our owners and then formulate a strategy to maximize their returns and prices. Our expert knowledge on leasing and capital markets allows us to best structure leases to fit the customized strategy created for each client. We move as fast as our clients want us to move.

When selling commercial real estate, challenges and construction pitfalls are likely to occur. We pride ourselves on finding a way when no one else could. Our experts analyze and forecast market conditions to find the best and most creative solution to our owners’ problems. Our leasing strategy is not a simple as “fill the space.” We take an analytical and in-depth approach to bring the largest return when our owners are ready to sell. In the end, yes it is important to fill the space, but the right mix of tenants and terms is what generates the greatest return.

When selling or buying real estate in Tampa Bay, there is no other broker to turn to. We have built from the ground up and have a unique, local insight into the world of real estate.