Want to make a positive impact on the environment by doing nothing more than going about your daily business? Consider water conserving features at the office. It’s probably not something you spend a great deal of time thinking about, but everyone who steps foot into your office space may end up using the bathroom. Establish good will with your clients and colleagues by making one of life’s basic tasks a little more environmentally friendly.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 37% of water used in office buildings is used for domestic purposes like kitchens and restrooms. The EPA recommends replacing bathroom fixtures to conserve water. At Pridgen, we’re one step ahead. In our green office spaces, we’ve committed to installing water saving features that make conservation a no-brainer.

Wondering how bathroom fixtures can save water? Here’s a rundown on three major features that Pridgen has used to create eco-friendly bathroom spaces:

Water conserving toilets

The EPA reports that Americans use more water by flushing the toilet each day than they do by showering or bathing.  That’s a lot of water. Older toilets and toilets that leak are major contributors to the amount of water wasted. New, efficient toilets use at least 20% less water to flush. Some models offer two flush modes, one for liquid and one for solids. That kind of savings adds up quickly, especially in a high traffic bathroom. Loving the idea of conserving water and saving money? Consider upgrading toilets at home as well as embracing water saving features at the office. Look for toilets labeled WaterSense. These meet the EPA’s criteria for efficiency.

Water conserving faucets

When you were growing up, did your parents remind you to turn off the tap while you brushed your teeth? Turning off the sink while brushing teeth saves thousands of gallons of water a year. With that in mind, imagine how much water an efficient faucet in a heavily used bathroom can save. Advanced faucet  engineering now allows faucets to use 30% less water without compromising performance.  Pridgen’s green office spaces feature faucets that save water automatically.  Hand washing has never looked so good. As an added benefit, efficient faucets also decrease the amount of water your water heater needs to churn out — shaving costs off of the energy bill as well as the water bill.

Waterless urinal

Urinals are a surprising source of wasted water in many office buildings. According to the EPA, an office building could reduce water use by 26,000 gallons per year or more by replacing old urinal models. Some older urinals currently flush with five times the amount of water that new federal standards require. In Pridgen’s green spaces, we’ve gone a step above and beyond efficient urinals by installing waterless urinals. These hygienic, odor-free fixtures require no flushing and very little maintenance. Waterless urinals are a simple, modern way to show guests and employees that you’re committed to the newest water saving technology.

Want to learn more about Pridgen Real Estate Services’ commitment to eco-friendly real estate development? Call (727) 577-5390 and ask about the water and energy conserving features in our green spaces.